Sunday, May 27, 2007

Euphorbia Obesa Sown

A little while ago I sowed Euphorbia obesa seeds. These little balls intrigued me and of course I didn't just want to buy a grown up plant.
The seeds are quite big for succulents. I sowed them onto wet sand and only pushed them into the soil a little bit.
After a few days they germinated. Interestingly the seedlings grew quite long within only a few days, even though they had enough light. But even in these seedlings you can already see the "obese", succulent part.

Euphorbia obesa seedlings on May 27, 2007


  1. Great posts on E. obesa Petra. Thank you for sharing them. Excellent photos and very helpful too. I've just purchased E. obesa x seeds, and will sow them soon. I'm impressed with how fast yours germinated. Thanks for the tip with the sand, do you cover the pot with plastic wrap, and treat them like Lithops?

    1. Yes, I cover the pots because I have found out that they won't germinate otherwise. Somehow the plastic wrap gives the air inside the pot some tension and keeps the humidity up, which is both necessary for germination.

    2. Thanks Petra, I've just purchased the seeds a couple of weeks ago, but it is the second month of winter here in Sydney atm. Can I sow them now or should I wait till spring/summer?

    3. You can sow them now during the winter, but only if you have additional light for them. I have sowed mine during the winter, too, but I had them under an energy saving lamp for 14 hours per day.
      If you don't have that, it'll probably be too dark for them and they'll grow long and thin. Even though I had mine under a lamp, they still grew out a little long in the beginning and only found their round form about a year or so later.
      So, if you want to be on the safe side, I guess you should wait until September or October until you get more hours of daylight again.