Saturday, January 5, 2008

Dorotheaes are the slowest

It is unbelievable... most of them still have their seed leaves - but I see change!

Well, what can I say. Many other lithops that I sowed much later than the dorotheaes have already got their first real pair of lobes or even the second or third pair.
But not the dorotheaes. They take their time.

It's been almost a year now and nothing much has happened. Some of them started to get a little soft but no sign of a new pair of lobes.
Yesterday I watered them a little and suddenly today something becomes visible with two of them.

Lithops dorotheae seedlings on January 5, 2008

In the picture the one in the middle shows the most change and the one on the top right also shows a bit of the new lobes.

By the way: after buying different seeds and sowing many more lithops, I grew tired of sterilizing sand from the playground. So I bought aquarium sand and use that now instead for all of my seedlings. It is actually quite nice to use, it doesn't become hard after drying out again and it is definitely free of unwanted guests.

So, I am really excited to finally see something else than the seed leaves on my favourite lithops. On one of them there are even some of the future markings visible.
I can't wait to see how they will go on!

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