Monday, January 7, 2008

A little experiment with light

I was repotting my gracilidelineata today and while I had them out of their pot, I noticed something: They are translucent.

I instantly grabbed my camera and tried to capture this. It is especially interesting as one can see the new plant body growing inside them and the various stages they are in.

Here the new growing body is clearly visible.

This one still has a hell of a long way ahead of itself. I am going to repot it but not as deep as I first thought I would. I can see that the new body has to work hard to get to the light and I don't want it bursting out of the side of the old body to get out of the sudden darkness.

The surface they are lying on, by the way, is a glass salad bowl that I put onto our living room table upside down with a lamp underneath the bowl. So this was quite a wobbly and instable place to take pictures on but I needed the backlight somehow.

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