Thursday, May 22, 2008


I have taken the seed hull off the last little adenium seedling and surprisingly it didn't hurt. Some plants don't like being "forced" out of their seed hulls and tend to burn in the sudden exposure to the sun. But not the adeniums, they are fine.

The adeniums have grown quite a bit and I have repottet them into a single pot for each one. Apparently I have kept them in the same pot for too long and some of the smaller ones dried out and died. As it turns out they would have needed more water which in turn would have been too much for the bigger ones. So I should have separated them a bit earlier. I gave away one of the remaining seedlings and the other three will stay with me.

The stems are now showing first signs of hardening. It looks almost like they are developing some sort of bark that will hopefully also protect them from drying out too fast. And they have beautiful leathery leaves.

Adenium obesum on May 22, 2008

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