Sunday, May 25, 2008

Well... no, not yet.

Zu früh gefreut, as we Germans say.

The first pair of real lobes that appeared on my dorotheaes was not really a breakthrough. Over the next weeks the lobes shrunk, then shot up again with the next watering only to shrink right down again two days later.
Not really stable and not really lithops-like, I'd say.

Now, two months later, one of them has finally left his seed leaves behind!

Lithops dorotheae seedlings on May 13, 2008

The second one has not changed much. It's going to take a bit longer until he, too, can get rid of the seed leaves.
The picture above is from a week ago and today number one looks great!

Lithops dorotheae on May 25, 2008

And it actually shows a few markings on the surface. He doesn't look anything like a dorotheae, but we're working on that!

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