Sunday, July 25, 2010

Gesinae update

Especially for Rika! ;-)
I took these just for you! Enjoy!

Lithops gesinae on July 23, 2010

This last one is quite interesting. I wrote about malformed Lithops in the general Lithops section and this is actually quite a good example for that. It is not normal that the fissure in this gesinae is only opened to one but not the other side.
If this Lithops were to flower it could rip open the fissure in order to do that.

I have only noticed this one while taking pictures, but as I already said somewhere else, I didn't really look at my plants in a longt time.
I am sure that this deformation will disappear next winter, when this Lithops grows a new pair of leaves.


  1. oh thank you so much for the whole gesinae series! :) loved the pictures (i'm such a gesinae fangirl)
    they are truly beautiful. i'm so looking forward to adopting the ones you can spare. :)
    i've looked up the red japanese gesinae cultivar I came across before: it's called "hanawared" and according to the name itself belongs to C078 (C078 is called "hanawagyoku" in jp, but C207 is "genjigyoku"). yours don't have a fancy name but sure have a great color. even though that'll sure change from year to year, they are worth cultivating (meaning, you must get the seeds! from what i see they're mature enough to flower ;) make sure the mother plant is the reddest and maybe you can get your very own cultivar :D )
    if you look up gesinae in my blog: i have C078 in tender yellow and C207 in "weird freaky colors" that got worn out by now (maybe they'll be back in winter... or if i feed it something weird and freaky? haha)

    ps: i do love talking about lithops....

  2. Hi Rika,
    glad you like them ;-)

    Do you really think they might be old enough to flower? They are a bit over three years old now. Of course, that would be the next reason for a near heart-attack... if one of my self grown Lithops would flower!
    They do look bigger in the pics than they really are, though. The biggest one is a bit over a centimeter in diameter - maybe 1,5cm (I guess... I didn't really measure them).

  3. hi ^^
    i think it's absolutely possible. they're maybe not that big but they're definitely old enough. if you manage to give them a proper *ruhezeit* throughout august and first half of september (watering less and less, at the end just misting in the evening), there's a good chance to see flowers i think :) might be difficult if it's hot though - they're still small, after all.