Friday, July 23, 2010

Lesliei 'Storm´s Albinigold'

These are my lesliei 'Storm´s Albinigold' seedlings. I am really looking forward to seeing their first real pair of leaves.

Lithops lesliei 'Storm´s Albinigold' seedlings on July 23, 2010


  1. they are very grateful little guys :) and you can see the pattern with the first real leaves indeed!
    mine are 2,5 years old now.. can't wait to see them...

  2. I just ordered seeds of lesliei ssp. lesliei v. venteri because they are gray and have such nice markings. Whereas the Albinigold are going to be green.
    I would have never thought that I would want to grow lesliei from seeds, but the more one has to do with Lithops the more fascinating they get... even the "regular" ones.

  3. i don't find lesliei regular ;) in fact, they are my absolute favorites, they have the most perfect shape and the most lovely colors~ ordering 'ventergreen' tomorrow, so excited!

  4. Hehe, I guess that's the thing with beauty... it lies in the eyes of the beholder!
    I thought of lesliei as "ordinary" for a long time because I only had the standard hardware-store-lesliei which really are quite common.
    My list of favorites still consists of julii, otzeniana, dorotheae and some others.

    By the way, I somehow screwed up my profile pic... now my old comments don't show the pic anymore. I just tried everything I could to mend this, but the pic will only show up with new comments but not with the old ones.
    Grrr... maybe I should not have meddled with the picasa Blogger pics... now I'm going to have to live with a nasty red x.

  5. indeed :) i noticed for myself that i really love it when lithops are very near to the ground and look like the top is cut off.. actually accept lesliei not many have that feature, so i really like them :) (and the colors as well)
    but what am i talking, they are all beautiful! i find that villetii look like those stones cut in two, and the verruculosa with their blood drops and orange flowers! julii are wonderful of course~

    so that's what happens when you try to change the profile pic? they should fix that....
    well, at least the new comments show the picture ;)

  6. Well.... I must admit that did not only attempt to change my profile pic... I sort of wanted to clean up the Picasa album to save some space. And since the avatar was saved there four times, I thought that that's unnecessary and deleted three of them. (I thought that was due to a mistake I made while uploading the pic and that I had uploaded it four times...)
    But aparently Blogger automatically creates four pics if you upload one profile pic and one of them was used for comments. And even though I restored the pic, the old comments were already damaged.

    So if you ever want to save some space in your Picasa-album: Do NOT delete any of those four Blogger-pics!

  7. i find it best to leave that particular Picasa folder alone, haha :) blooger should warn people about it, really.

  8. i noticed that even in my follower list you're without an icon :( although this might be fixed through 'unfollow-follow' or something, haha :)
    i wonder if it's possible to report this bug to the blogger staff, hm...

  9. Thanx for the hint! Unfollow-follow did the trick: I'm back in your followers list - with picture!

    And I solemnly swear to never mess with my Blogger-album again! ;-)

  10. yay! welcome again :D
    i tried the 'new' editor recently and it screwed a lot so i've learnt to not mess with it, like you with Picasa, haha. using the 'old' editor now, we understand each other better :)

    just bought another lesliei.... it has such strange colors, i have absolutely no idea which one it should be (it says C344 - not true! - it's DARKGREEN with yellow islands). waiting now to see it with my own eyes (bought online)
    it's awful how much money i spend on lithops....