Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I am currently filling my blog with all the old infos and pics that were formerly intended for my homepage. I had my homepage ready for quite some time but somehow I never got around to putting it online.
Now I know why: a blog is much better suited for my plant portraits than a homepage... and who has a homepage nowadays, anyway? Blogging (and tweeting - I'm thinking about it) is the style!

So I often create new posts with old dates at the moment to keep the timeline correct on seedling states and pictures. I will do this at least until all the old information is safely stored in here. These old posts, however, don't show up on top of the post list and people who follow my blog may not realize that there is something new here or that something has changed.

So, I thought about a news section where I can just quickly drop you a line if there is some "new" old post you should know about or if I created a new page or whatever.

So, from now on consider yourself informed! ;-)

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