Monday, July 26, 2010

Photo session

I had a day off on friday and I spent it excessively to take pics of my plants. Especially my Lithops.

I took pictures of my new seedlings first and then of the older ones. In the end one julii claimed all my attention for the rest of the day.
But before I show you what kept me and my camera rooted to the living-room table, I want to show you the other julii first.

I really love these white ones. The windows on top of the leaves look like they have been painted with white paint on a dark ground. Some julii even look like someone drew lines on them with correction fluid.

I don't know what went wrong here. It just came out of its old leaf hull like this. Doesn't seem to be hurt, just grew like this.

This is quite a strange one. It was this dark brown from the beginning and even with the new pair of leaves it kept its color. I have not yet been able to determine which number this could be.

Lithops julii on July 23, 2010

These are all julii var. fulleri and I got them on the rarity exchange in Essen 2009. There I also bought a pot full of marmorata, but the julii are definitely my favourites!

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