Saturday, September 25, 2010

Faucaria Flower

A few days ago I shot a few pics of the flower buds on my faucaria. It has three or four buds this year but with the current weather it seems as if they are going to have a hard time opening.
One of them however showed some color already:

Multi-headed faucaria tigrina on September 20, 2010

Faucaria tigrina flower bud on September 20, 2010

And then two days later I got home and the flower had opened. Each time I see one of my succulents flowering I am totally blown away. Especially the faucaria and the lithops have such huge flowers (in comparison with the plant body). The flowers are just beautiful...
Of course, I couldn't keep my fingers off the camera and this is the result. The almost orange evening light played nicely into these pictures, too.
So, enjoy! ;-)

And these two are my favorites:


  1. a beautiful flower and beautiful pictures :)

  2. Thanks Rika!
    I especially like these flowers because of their rich colors. They're just like sunshine...