Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The next try: Lithops otzeniana seedlings

Like I told you, I tried again (and will keep trying...).
These are my Lithops otzeniana seedlings C280.

Lithops otzeniana C280 seedlings on September 15, 2010

They look well now, but we all know that that's not really an achievement... But quite a few of them have germinated this time so I'm optimistic.

I only sowed 40 or 60 (two or three packs) of the 100 seeds (five packs) I have of these. And in addition I have seeds of the other three otzeniana varieties, which I have not sowed yet.

I won't talk about them much more now, because too much attention seems to go to their heads... and I don't want that. Too little attention on the other hand makes them shrivel up and die quickly and I don't want that either. But for now this has to suffice. ;-)

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