Sunday, January 2, 2011

Otzeniana updates

Nothing much is happening really, but my otzeniana are still alive and kicking... so to speak. They look strong and healthy, but they do not show any signs of new pairs of leaves yet. Not even a peak at it.

I hope they will start to grow their new leaves during the winter and show some new views and maybe colors in spring.

It's still interesting and I'm still proud at how many of them are alive! I am watering them now and again at the moment, even though it is winter. Depending on their state and if they show signs of drying out, they get a little sprinkling with water.
I will start to give them fertilizer again in March or beginning of April and then they are probably going to move to the windowsill to get some real sunlight instead of the artificial light they're under now.
I realized that it helps them in the beginning to get the continuous 14 hours of light from the energy saving lamp, but at a certain point this light isn't strong enough anymore and natural light lets them grow much better and stronger then.

I think I will sow the other Cole seeds in spring, as soon as everything starts to grow and live again. Until then I'll just have to be patient (... one of the things I am really not good at! ;))

Lithops otzeniana seedlings on January 1, 2011

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