Tuesday, March 15, 2011

4th Birthday

I just saw that my Lithops dorotheae are 4 years old this month. The first pictures I have of the seedlings (that were said to be so hard to cultivate... -> can you see me smile and roll my eyes at those who doubted? ;)), were from March 19, 2007 and they were already a few days or even weeks old then.

Now it is March 2011. And this is how they look now:

Lithops dorotheae on March 13, 2011

Lithops dorotheae on March 13, 2011

 In the first picture you can see one other dorotheae on the right side. I have no idea what kind of specimen that is, but it has always been this pale and gray. Maybe some of them really need a very, very long time to develop that typical face these two big ones are showing now.
And I have to admit, for 4-year old Lithops they are still quite small. But they are healthy and they have always taken their time... so I guess they are Lithops for people with much patience (Ha! As if I have much of that...).

I am still totally in love with the markings of the dorotheae. They were my favorite Lithops for a long time (until julii came along and then otzeniana... now those three share that label).
I especially love those deep red lines and dots, while the beige of the "islands" is nice, too.

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