Thursday, June 23, 2011

Desert Rose... Desert Palm Tree

My adenium flower buds are progressing nicely. This time I have hopes that all three buds are going to make it.

In the meantime I showed my adeniums with their flower buds to my pals at our plant forum and that took an unexpected turn.
I showed them this pic:

And the consensus was for one, that this is a fine specimen of adenium, even if it is quite long and doesn't have many leaves (they said that this is what's so beautiful about adenium obesum... they all look different).
The second consensus among them was that this is no desert rose... but a desert palm tree.

I agreed. From now on, this one is to be called desert palm tree and I plan to lay down under it soon to do some sun bathing (that will require some more sand and setting up a pot of water next to it... you know, for the real beach/island flair ;))

Adenium obesum flower buds on June 23, 2011

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  1. What a lovely Adenium! Makes me want to try an grow some from seed now. Sigh, must wait until I have more room.