Friday, April 13, 2012

Decapitation Works (...At Least On Desert Roses)

Remember that I decapitated one of my desert roses a couple of months ago? Well, turns out that was a good decision.

I repotted several of my plants in a sudden spring high when temperatures rose to almost summer levels for the first time this year. And my biggest desert rose was among them, and it was over due. Its roots had already bent the pot out of shape.
I mean... look at those roots!

Desert rose roots on March 27, 2012

Those bobbles of sand you see on each side of the main roots are the only hair roots this plant has. Apparently they don't need many of those thin, small ones... if they have those tree trunk roots to support and feed them.

As soon as I had repotted it and the sun was still shining for a couple of days, this desert rose really thanked me for its new found foot space.

This is what the leaves look like now:

Desert rose on April 13, 2012

It grew two new branches and there is another ominous bump on one side, but so far it seems to put all of its power into growing these two.


  1. Great looking plant. Are they easy to grow and look after?

    1. Yes, they are very easy to grow. They don't need much water and only some fertilizer now and again. Sunshine is the most important thing for them.
      I was lucky, though, to get a flower on one of them after only two years.

      You can also buy adenium plants and they even have more and bigger flowers, but those have always been engrafted onto a different plant's stem which will make them grow faster and blossom more. I have never been a fan of that, really. They lose their succulent stem and I'm just way to proud of my little self grown ones to get one of those buffed up specimens. ;)