Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lithops julii x marmorata

Three years ago, on October 25, 2009, I cross-pollinated marmorata and julii (marmorata pollen onto a julii blossom and vice versa).
I took this picture to remember which plants I had pollinated which each other:

Lithops julii and Lithops marmorata after cross pollination on October 25, 2009

To my surprise it worked and the Lithops julii grew a seed capsule.
(The marmorata did as well, but I have not yet opened it. I should be able to find that seed capsule, too, with the help of this pic. I've always wanted to repeat that photo series I took of the julii seed capsule opening... maybe I'll do that with the cross pollinated marmorata capsule and then sow the seeds.)

I opened the julii seed capsule on July 23, 2010, harvested the seeds, let them dry and then put them into a small envelope with the date and the name "julii x marmorata" on it.

I didn't get around to sowing those seeds until this year. But Lihops seeds are known to stay "fresh" for a long time.
On April 29, 2012, I sowed them and lots of them germinated. I am beyond thrilled that this actually worked and I hope and pray that I can keep them alive!!!

Here are my own self-made little miracles:

Lithops julii x marmorata seedlings on May 28, 2012


  1. Awesome! That's incredible news that the cross-pollinated seeds germinated. I did not know that was possible, because aren't julii & marmorata two different Lithops species? How is that possible? What will their offspring look like and will they be viable? I am very curious to find out! :-)

    1. Yes, that's right, they're two different species. But I always assumed it was possible to cross pollinate between those, I just hadn't expected it to actually work when I tried it. ;) And when I sowed them and they actually germinated... I was really surprised.
      Unfortunately it will take a long time until they show some details, form and markings and such.

      But I will, of course, keep everyone updated here!

      Btw, I also have pictures of this exact seed pod opening and closing somewhere on my blog. This might one day make for a nice Lithops-life-story when they're grown and flower the first time... coming full circle.
      (... IF they survive until then...)

    2. Awesome. Good luck with your new brood. I eagerly await for more news of their development. :-)

  2. That is really exciting, I am looking forward to seeing what the new ones look like. Good job!