Saturday, July 21, 2012

Julii x Marmorata Getting Stronger

I really love my little miracles! ;)
For a while I got the feeling that they wouldn't make it, but then I watered them decently once and gave them some fertilizer (only a small amount) and since then they are really doing very well!

Lithops julii x marmorata on July 18, 2012

(I know, the first pic looks a bit chaotic, but that's just how they grow... each in its own direction. ;))


  1. What type of fertiliser do you use and what is the water/fertiliser ratio?

    1. I sow Lithops seeds on a mix of 50% cactus soil and 50% sand and for the first weeks or even months that soil contains enough fertilizer to get the little Lithops growing, so they don't need extra fertilizer during that time.

      Later on I give my Lithops orchid fertilizer (yes, that's right), because I found out that this fertilizer has the recommended ratio of NPK elements (recommended by Desmond T. Cole).
      My orchid fertilizer has NPK 5:6:7 and I use it in half dosage (so I'll end up with 2.5:3:3.5 - Cole recommends 2:3:4, so that's close enough).
      If you can find a fertilizer with roughly this mixture you can use it for your Lithops.

      The water/fertilizer ratio depends on your specific product. It always has a dosage recommendation on the back. Mine, for example, says "use 5ml (half a cap) on one liter of water". So I use a quarter of a cap on one liter when I'm fertilizing my Lithops and I do this (from May to October - Spring/Summer/Fall) maybe once a month or every two months (depending on how often I remember to give them fertilizer ;)).

  2. Thanks so much. I also have a few orchids at home so I will check the fertiliser that I use for them.