Thursday, July 19, 2012

New Little Lithops Pseudotruncatella var. Edithae

I love when small Lithops look like little green mushrooms.

These are pseudotruncatella var. edithae, the seeds of which I bought at my first Lithops "dealer" in Berlin. Unfortunately he doesn't sell "clean" Cole numbered Lithops, which made me switch to a different shop for a while.
By now I think buying seeds that aren't strictly Cole numbered can be very interesting. My dorotheae are not Cole numbered and you can see for yourself what interesting colors they show.

I'm very curious what these little ones will look like a year from now. So far they are in the smallest pot I own and they seem to feel right at home there. They are strong and healthy little Lithops.

Lithops pseudotruncatella var. edithae on July 18, 2012


  1. They sure look strong and healthy, and happy to be alive, Congrats and good luck with them! :-)

  2. Thanks, you two! :)
    It was a total surprise that so many of them germinated on such a small space. I think I'll have to separate them soon, because I really don't want to lose any of them.