Thursday, July 12, 2012

Matucana - The Story So Far

I sowed Matucana madisoniorum some time in 2007. I bought the seeds because I wanted to get cacti that would grow big blossoms, not those tiny, uninteresting ones. ;)

I don't have pictures of my Matucana from the very early stage but in light of recent events (see the other post under this label...) I have collected all old photos I could find and now - very shortly - I'd like to introduce you to:
my Matucana madisoniorum.

Matucana madisoniorum on February 2, 2008 (the little prickly one in the middle... sorry, no better quality available)

Then, five months later, the little ones have grown... both in size and in spine/thorn length.

Matucana on July 14, 2008

Already looking cute, right? I remember repotting them and getting thoroughly stung... so, they weren't quite as cuddly as they look.

Another three months later...

Matucana on October 23, 2008

And then, sadly, I stopped documenting them. One of them lives in a small pot on my south facing window sill on the staircase. It used to share the pot with four Astrophytum myriostigma, but this spring I decided that they all need more space and I separated them. Still, that pot always stood somewhere in the back where it got a lot of sunshine, but not much attention from me.
The second one (I only kept two and gave the others away to new caring parents in my plant forum) shares a bowl with two Echinocactus grusonii, one (late...) Faucaria and two Pleiospilos bolusii. Not the best mix, I know and I will repot them as soon as I find the courage to touch the Echinocacti..., but they still get along fine.
This bowl however also sits in a corner behind my Ficus where it gets a lot of sunlight but, again, not much attention from me.

But that doesn't seem to bother them...

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