Thursday, July 12, 2012

Matucana's First Flower Bud

It was again on one of my typical rounds through our apartment (I'd say "over my windowsills" but I'm not a cat after all), when I noticed that my Matucana madisoniorum has a dark spot.
I fished the whole bowl with the two Echinocacti and the two Pleiospilos from the windowsill behind the Ficus to inspect what was going on and... well, what can I say, this is what's going on:

Matucana madisoniorum on July 11, 2012

Do I have to clarify how excited I am about this??? :D Didn't think so!

This is the story of this Matucana so far:


  1. How excited are you about this? :-) How's the Pleiospilos going? This Matucana is a great healthy looking plant; looking forward to seeing it bloom.