Thursday, October 11, 2012

Today's Lithops Flowers: Fulviceps and Lesliei

After a week of gloomy, rainy weather today the sun was finally shining again. And my Lithops took the opportunity and opened their flowers.

These three, however, are the only Lithops that are flowering so far. I don't think there will be many more this year. None of the others have even started to grow flower buds... and it's already mid-October.

Two of my self-grown Lithops fulviceps:

Some more glowing...

And one of my huge Lithops lesliei heads is flowering (for the first time since I have it).


  1. Congrats on the flowers! :D
    I know from my experience if today no new buds are showing they might show tomorrow. Lithops are quick with that. Also, they can flower way into November or December even. ;) Let yourself be surprised~

  2. Very beautiful flowers & pics! Hope you get some more. :)