Sunday, November 18, 2012

My Own Creation Is Progressing

My julii x marmorata are progressing! There aren't many left but the ones that are, are looking good.
One of them is almost done developing its first real pair of leaves!

Now, my only problem is that I sowed two different kinds of seeds in this small pot. I drew a line in the middle and sowed one set of seeds on one side and the julii x marmorata on the other side. One of the small Lithops that's left, is sitting right in the middle of the pot. So, theoretically, it could be either a julii x marmorata or a hallii.
None of the other halli have survived (which is not too bad, I still have seeds of those left). So, I'd say chances are pretty good that this one is a julii x marmorata.

But now, let me get to the pictures.

The big one on the left here is the one that's very close to the middle of the pot. All the others are more on the julii x marmorata side. I'm hoping they are all julii x marmorata!

Lithops julii x marmorata seedlings on November 18, 2012

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