Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dracaena Surculosa Blossoms - Ready? And Action!

Yesterday I came home from work and thought I might take a few pictures of the Dracaena surculosa flower buds while they're still closed. You know, just to document their progress.

So I took the plant to the kitchen, got the camera ready on the tripod, set everything up. And when I was ready, it was as if I could hear the flower buds saying to each other "Ready? And action!" and they opened... Right in front of my waiting camera! :)

On days like that I really believe that my plants have a consciousness - and that they do stuff like this just to please me. ;)

Here is the result:

Dracaena surculosa blossoms opening on April 29, 2013

PS: I also tried to capture two blossoms "in the act" and took a bunch of time laps photos of them. But that was a little too much to ask. Those two took their time and didn't open until today. There is some movement visible in the background, but that's not spectacular enough to take up space here.
But now I know how fast these little beauties are and next time (if I catch the right moment again with the next blossom) I'll know what to do and I'll be ready. :)

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