Sunday, May 5, 2013

Fenestraria, Little Windows

They are still quite small (I guess I should get them some real sunshine), my Fenestraria aurantiaca, but they're gorgeous and they live up to their name.

Fenestraria aurantiaca on May 5, 2013


  1. I sure love Babytoes! They are even cuter when they are actual babies, like yours.

  2. Hi mixture do you use to plant these in? I really love the way they look and would like to buy some seeds but unsure of potting mix ratio etc. Thanks :)

    1. Hi Bubaloo,

      for the fenestraria I used a mix of cactus soil and sand and I mixed it 50% soil and 50% sand. That's my preferred soil mix to sow succulents on and I haven't repotted them yet so they're still in that same soil.
      With this mix the little plants get just a bit of fertilizer from the cactus soil in the beginning, but not too much so it won't interfere with their initial growth. And later on, when they've grown a bit, the soil is light and airy enough and it doesn't stay moist for too long after watering.

      But I must admit that my fenestraria don't really grow well. I lost all but one of them and I guess I don't give them enough fertilizer and general care now that they've grown a bit. They got kind of lost among all my little Lithops and other plants in the past year...

      So if you sow fenestraria be sure to keep a good eye on them and you'll surely get very nice and healthy plants.

      (PS: I use the same fertilizer on my fenestraria as I do on my Lithops. Whether that's right for them or not, I can't say. See your other comment, I'll go into detail about fertilizing Lithops there.)