Friday, May 17, 2013

Hoya Carnosa Compacta - What Happened So Far

My mom gave me this plant, which resides in a hanging pot, because it got too heavy for the small hook she had it hanging on in her living room window. I took it with me and put it in my office into a south facing window where the pot is now safely hanging on a big and strong metal hook.

The plant had flowered a lot while it was still with my mom, but I wasn't sure if it would survive the move, the cold winter right next to this (admittedly poorly isolated) window and now the direct sun. All of these are big changes to how it lived before. My mom had it hanging in a north facing window where it never gets too cold or too hot, nor did it get direct sun.

But this beauty made the transition without much damage and in May I suddenly found a couple of flower buds developing at the ends of old flower buds from the previous years.

Hoya carnosa compacta flower buds on May 2, 2013

And then, a few days later:

Hoya carnosa compacta flower buds on May 6, 2013

And on May 10 the first ball opened its flower buds:

Hoya carnosa compacta flower buds on May 10, 2013

It smells sweet and every morning when I get to the office I need to open the windows because the scent that has gathered during the night is actually a bit too heavy for my taste.
But they are so beautiful that I wouldn't want to complain about their scent. :)

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