Friday, July 26, 2013

Hoya Nectar

Today I was asked in my favorite plant forum if the orange tint in the drops at the ends of my Hoya kerrii flowers is a trick of the light or if those drops are actually slightly orange.

They are orange and their color is getting darker and more orange by the day.

I described the process of those drops, that developed after I watered the plant, as "pulling the color out of the inner leaves". The drops are getting darker and thicker like syrup (or nectar, as I now learned) and the inner leaves are getting lighter.

At first I thought I was mistaken about the color of the inner leaves, but then I found this time-lapse video on youTube and here you can see this process very clearly. Especially when the second set of flowers opens, the difference in color becomes very clear.

And you know what I like most about this? The fact that I am sitting in front of my Hoya, watching its flowers do miraculous things like change color... and then I find out that this miracle I have just "discovered" is perfectly normal. :D Haha!


  1. Those of beautiful close up photos of very beautiful flowers. I've never looked at Hoya flowers close and in detail, and they are really lovely. I grow a lot of different succulents, but I've never grown hoya, partly because I'm terrible with hanging (climbing) type plants. What's the natural pollinator? Since they are climbers and have nectar I would guess moths.

    Thanks for sharing such great close up photos of the flowers, very nice.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Bob!

      I have no info on where hoyas have their natural habitat but I read that they are most likely being pollinated by moths at night since the nectar production peaks around midnight.

      These two, the carnosa compacta and the kerrii, are my first hoyas, too and I haven't had the chance to see hoya flowers up close before this (hence the flood of photos ;)).

      I am still experimenting with the climbing/hanging thing, too. So far the carnosa is partly hanging and partly climbing but it's getting very long. I might have to repot it or give it something else to hold on to apart from the chains of the hanging pot, which are already occupied by four of its "arms".
      So far it doesn't seem to mind its position but I fear that might change soon... ;)