Friday, October 25, 2013

My First Pleiospilos Flower?

One of the first plants I have ever sown (in 2007) was a Pleiospilos nelii. Well, actually there were several nelii but I kept only two of them (as far as I remember now - there might be more hidden somewhere on my window sills).

Every year when they start to grow new leaves I hope that it's going to be a flower but each time it's "just" leaves.

This time I'm hoping again, but this time I think I have better chances. Just as it is with Lithops, you can see a slight difference between a new pair of leaves - which takes up almost all of the plant's width - and a flower bud. The latter looks like the tip of a little tongue the plant is squeezing through the fissure in the leaves.
And that is exactly what (I hope) I'm seeing here.

What do you think?

Close-up of Pleiospilos nelii fissure on October 25, 2013

Close-up of Pleiospilos nelii fissure on October 25, 2013

Pleiospilos nelii developing what looks like a flower bud (on October 25, 2013)

Edit (Dec 3, 2013):
No, it's just another pair of leaves again... Maybe better luck next time! ;)

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