Saturday, October 4, 2014

Adeniums Moving To A New Home

My little photo session a few days ago has kind of triggered the green thumb again and yesterday I took the time to repot some of my plants... most of which were way overdue for a new and bigger pot.

Among them were my little Adeniums. They had to come out of the old pot, which wasn't a pot at all but a plastic tray in which they had germinated and wasn't by far deep enough. So I knew what I would find when I took them out of there: their roots had grown sideways instead of growing down as they were supposed to.

Adenium obesum "Dark Love" out of their pots on October 3, 2014

But they are still young so the damage isn't too bad, they have not yet started to grow those fleshy, thick roots that grow down into the ground like carrots.

But my problem was that I didn't really have a decent sized pot for them. I would like to set them into those Lechuza pots as soon as possible because I know that they like those, even at that young age. But the pots I had were too big for that matter.

In the end I came up with both a compromise and a solution.
I put three Adeniums into one Lechuza pot. They won't be big enough to supply themselves with water from the reservoir for a long time, but that doesn't matter - I can just keep watering them from the top as long as they need it.

My other worry was that once their roots started to grow they might get entangled with each other. To prevent that I took parts of an old plastic pot that I had to cut open to rescue a Dracaena's roots out of it, cut four pieces out of it and put them into the Lechuza soil - two for each pot - as a root barrier of sorts, separating the three adeniums.
I did not take pictures of that, but I guess you get the general idea.

These are my Adeniums in their new pots now:

Both Adenium pots together on October 3, 2014

Three Adenium obesum "Dark Love" plants in one Lechuza pot on October 3, 2014

Front left: Adenium obesum "Chagiara", Front right and back: Adenium obesum "Honey" on October 3, 2014

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