Friday, October 10, 2014

Comparing Offspring and Parents

In October 2009 I did this:

Lithops julii and Lithops marmorata after cross pollination on October 25, 2009

The resulting seeds were sown in May 2012 and (even though only one of them survived)... here is the result:

Lithops julii x marmorata on October 3, 2014

Looks a lot like his mama, doesn't he?

In my last post on this topic "julii x marmorata take after their mother" I also showed you a second Lithops, which I assumed to be julii x marmorata. But now I'm not so sure anymore.
Like I said, I also sowed hallii in that same pot and by now I must say that this second one looks more like a hallii to me than a julii.

Lithops hallii or Lithops julii x marmorata ???

I could really kick myself for sowing two different types of seeds in one pot. Especially in a pot where it's so crucially important to know exactly what kind of plant it is.

But, well, we all learn from our mistakes and this way at least it stays interesting. ;)

No, I did not overlook that little one in the last picture. But I have no idea who or what he/she is. It's still too small to say anything about markings and such. I don't even know if this one has been there from the beginning or if it is some late germinator (what a word...) that somehow managed to germinate even without the constant moisture and warmth they had directly after I sowed them.
I just hope that he'll survive and in a couple of years he'll be big enough and we'll be able to tell what his last name is.

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