Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Lithops Lesliei - A Fountain Of Gold

Lithops lesliei, in my opinion, are among the most common and uninteresting looking Lithops. Here in Germany they are the ones most often sold in hardware stores and gardening centers and everyone seems to have one.
It's mean to say this, but I think they are ordinary.

And then they start to flower and there is this fountain of yellow and gold coming from them, large flowers that cover the little plant completely.
And all of a sudden there is nothing ordinary about them anymore.

The color of these flowers is so rich they seem to glow on their own, even in the shadows. And when the sunlight hits the flower, the sparkling and shimmering hightlights dancing on the petals are mesmerizing.

It is unfair that these Lithops only get my full attention once a year when they flower. But fortunately they don't demand a lot of attention the rest of the time. They are very uncomplicated and undemanding little pals.

Close-up of a yellow Lithops lesliei flower, picture date 2014-09-30
Lithops lesiei flower on September 30, 2014

Two yellow Lithops lesliei flowers with a bit of the plant body visible at the bottom, picture date 2014-09-30
Two Lithops lesiei flowers on September 30, 2014

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