Thursday, July 16, 2015

New Addition: Sempervivum

My neighbor recently handed me a small pot with a plant in it. Apparently she had cut it from a bigger plant that resides on her south balcony and had just waited until it grew roots so she could give it away.
I must admit that I had no idea what it was called. I only knew that my mother-in-law has some of these, too.

I took it home and just put the pot outside on top of our litte fountain (that almost never runs) where it gets some rain and some water from the bottom if the fountain is running. And then I mostly forgot about it.

Two weeks later I looked outside and realized that it had grown somewhat long-ish and when I looked a bit closer, I saw that it was blossoming... despite my lack of information, effort and knowledge of its name!
I have no idea how I'm doing this. Plants just seem to like me, or they want to impress me or something.

By now I have learned that this is a Sempervivum and that now is its blossoming time. I will still need to learn more about its needs and will have to find a decent place for it to grow permanently.

Sempervivum blossoms on July 16, 2015

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