These pages are a collection of plant pictures, interesting stuff about (my) plants, tips about soil, potting, pests  and of course a diary.
But not about my personal feelings... no, it's all about my plants (well... mostly...).

You can watch my plants, from their days as seedlings to their first flower (isn't motherhood wonderful?...).
I share my good and bad experiences with you but I also show you ugly things... like the mealybugs that inhabited my passiflora a while ago.
So, if you're squeamish, be careful: I have closeup pictures! 

What is a plant whisperer?

Plant whisperer are people with a special connection to plants. People with a "green thumb" and people who don't think of plants as accessories or decoration. Seeing a mistreated or sick plant almost literally hurts them. They give advice to others about their plants, they enjoy a flowering an healthy plant more than anything else. An finally ... they are people who get high - figuratively speaking - in garden centers and can't keep themselves from buying new plants... or seeds... or pots... or soil... or fertilizer... or...
By the way - being a plant whisperer does not necessarily mean talking to your plants... although I must admit that I do that sometimes.